Career Opportunities in Cyber Security | CyberSecurity Jobs

The career opportunities in cyber security listed below are only a partial of what we are engaged by clients to fill. Of note for you as a potential candidate is that as a retained executive search firm, our focus is on filling senior executive level management and functional leadership roles.

Many of the roles we are retained to fill are confidential and therefore not published.

Few interviews are granted outside of our current searches,  We do market passive potential candidates who are NOT active job seekers and we are only interested in marketing the top 14% of the workforce, the “A players” at any level that research has proven that he/she produces 8 to 10 times more than “B players”.  If you have demonstrated accomplishments in making significant impacts in the cyber security, cyber wireless, or cyber defense sectors, we’d like to speak with you about pending cyber security career opportunities.

Cyber Security Career Opportunities | Sr Executives | Functional Leadership


Engineering (developing new IP / protecting IP. algorithms and threat detection, cyber security software development, cyber warfare, cyber wireless, IS/IT security, product management, portfolio management, ecosystem partner development, hardware design, UI/UX);Sales / Marketing / Business Development (cyber security career opportunities serving public and private / DoD customers, revenue rainmaking, account management, increasing market share and profit margins, product marketing, revitalizing markets, etc.);Corporate and Functional Leadership (strategy, business planning, P&L, finance, department / division leadership in engineering, sales, deployment; stakeholder relationships, etc.)